Village Bylaws

This area has been added to our website to help keep Village residents informed.
The Policies and Bylaws area is regularly updated to include current and historical information.

The Village has three pages on this area:​​​

  • Draft Bylaws and Policies
  • Bylaws
  • Policies

The Draft page will have any Bylaws and Policies currently being reviewed by Council. Policies during a "DRAFT" stage and Bylaws after a First Reading and also during a "DRAFT" Stage will be posted to this page.

The Bylaw page will have Bylaws that have been passed by Council. This page is updated regularly to include historical and new Bylaws.

The Policies page will have Policies posted that have been approved by Council.



     * Bylaw No. 366 does not speak to the consumption of cannabis, which is specifically addressed in Bylaw No. 367.

Update: On June 14, 2022 at the regularly scheduled Council Meeting, Council reviewed Bylaw #359 - Council Code of Conduct For Members of Council. In Motion # 2022-096, Council Moved that no Amendments were needed to Bylaw #359.

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