Training & Mentorship Requirements

One of the first steps to successfully receiving your beekeeping license in the Village of Spring Lake is to meet training and mentorship requirements. Applicants must submit proof of completion of a beekeeping course from an accepted organization/association. If this is the first time you have kept bees in an urban environment, you must include proof of support and assistance from a mentor.

Please see the Beekeeping Guideline for further details.

Alberta Animal Health Act



Bylaw to regulate the keeping of Urban Beekeeping in the Village of Spring Lake.

Application Requirements and Process

All interested beekeepers must submit an online application outlining the following requirements:

  • Name, address, and email address, phone number, property owner consent.
  • Beehive location information, Hive drawing plans & location. Hive information.
  • Training requirement, copy of certificate: session location, session date, certification number.
  • Membership requirement. Beekeeping association, number, email.
  • Premises Identification Program (PID)
  • Terms and Conditions, (Neighbour Notification)

Neighbour Notifications

Prior to submitting an application, every beekeeping applicant must notify all immediately surrounding neighbours, including those attached to their property or across, in writing, of their intent to keep bees. This requirement is a notification to neighbours, not a request for permission. Your neighbours have two weeks to respond to the Village of Spring Lake with any concerns after receiving the letter.

Please print off the required number of copies of Urban Beekeeping neighbour acknowledgement letters. Submit all letters as part of your application. Please note the date and addresses on copies of the letters that were given out in your application. We do not require that the letters be signed.


Each approved beekeeper and the property owner of the site must complete a beekeeping course from an accepted organization/association.

Beekeepers in their first year are recommended to have the support and assistance of an experienced beekeeper. 

Beekeeping for Beginners

Course Length- 1 day theory, 200+ hrs hands-on experience

Provider- Natural Elements Honey

Course Informationcertificate course-Beginner to intermediate 


BEKP100 - Level 1 Beekeeping

Course Length: 2 Days
Provider: NAIT
Course Information
Level 1 Beekeeping


Online Beekeeping Certificate Course

Course Length: 12 Hours

Format: Online, Four 3-Hour Classes with Ongoing Access to Materials and Community Support 

Provider: Dustin Bajer

Course InformationOnline Beekeeping Certificate Course

Ongoing Education

Advanced Beekeeping

Course Length: 2 Days
Provider: Bee Culture Solutions



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