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Fire Hazard Levels Explained

Fire danger ratings, also known as fire hazards, communicate how easily fires start, how quickly they spread and how
long they burn. During the warm dry months of the year, it is particularly important to know the fire hazard rating.

Hazard levels across the province are available at www.albertafirebans.ca

Fire Hazard Level Description
Fire Ban • No outdoor fires are permitted until further notice, including screened fire pits, burn barrels/incinerators, recreational fire pits and charcoal briquette barbecues.
• Gas and propane appliances such as barbecues, stoves and fire pits are allowed as well as Wood Pellet BBQ, Smokers, and Stoves. 
• All fire permits are suspended or cancelled, and no new fire permits will be issued.
Fire Restriction • Fire hazard conditions are at a level where fires can start and grow quickly. No open burning fires or major burn operations are allowed.
• Fires in fire pits (with a screen), burn barrels/incinerators with screens, as well as gas/propane stoves, barbeques and fire pits are allowed. 
• Limited fire permits will be issued but may be suspended or cancelled at any time.
• Residents are reminded to be extra vigilant. Soaking the area adjacent to fire pits with water is recommended.
Fire Advisory • Fire Services warns residents that a fire restriction or ban may be coming if conditions do not improve.
• Open fires are allowed with permits, but residents are reminded to be extra vigilant. Soaking the area adjacent to fire pits with water is recommended.
• Fire permits may be restricted.
No Restriction • Normal burning rules apply.


Activities No Restriction Fire Advisory Fire Restriction Fire Ban

Major burn operations (with permit)

Allowed (✔)

Limited (✔)

Not Allowed (X)

Not Allowed (X)

Open burning (with permit)

Limited (✔)



Incinerators with screen


Burn barrels with screen


Fire pits without a screen (with permit)


Fireworks (with permit)

Limited (✔)


Screened Fire Pits


Charcoal briquette barbecue

Propane/gas barbecue

Propane/gas fire pit

Wood Pellet BBQ/Smoker/Stove


Free FireSmart Home Assessments

Parkland County is now offering free FireSmart Home Assessments to residents of Parkland County, including the Village of Spring Lake, and other Summer Villages.

County residents can get a free FireSmart Home Assessment to learn how to protect their homes from wildfires. Each assessment takes about 30-45 minutes, and it's important that you're there too. 

Our FireSmart experts will:

1.     Tour the outside of your house and yard for things that increase your risk during a wildfire.

2.     Provide a customized report based on what they see with actions on how to reduce the risk of damage by wildfire.

3.     Share helpful tips to make your home less susceptible to wildfires.

If you've completed the suggested safety improvements in the report, you can ask for another assessment later if you wish.

Visit Parkland County - Free FireSmart Home Assessments for more information!


The Council for the Village of Spring Lake would like to promote the Fire Smart Program to the Residents of Spring Lake.

Please take the time to review the Fire Smart Manual.

Homeowners Firesmart Manual

Alberta Emergency Alert App: To Recieve Alerts

Q: Why is Alberta Emergency Alert important to me?

     A: Alerts received at the right time can help keep you safe during an emergency. With Alberta Emergency Alert,
         warnings can be sent to your mobile device when you may be in harm's way.

Q: What is an Alberta Emergency Alert message?

     A: Alberta Emergency Alert is an emergency message sent by authorized government alerting authorities through
         radio, television, social media, and your mobile device.

Q: What types of alerts will I receive?

  • Critical Alerts: Provides necessary information when there is an immediate and life-threatening danger.
  • Informational Alerts: Provides less urgent emergency information to the public, preparing them for potentially worsening situations. These alerts should be used to protect and prepare the public, their property, their animals and/or the environment from the impacts of a potential emergency.
  • Test Alerts: System testing in progress

Click the link: Emergency Alert Alberta

Municipal Emergency Management

The Municipal Emergency Management Bylaw #327 was passed in the Village of Spring Lake on November 9, 2010.  The Village of Spring Lake is working towards more current policies and procedures in the event of a Disaster or Emergency within our municipality. One small step towards being prepared is encouraging residents to be PREPARED.  Following is a link below to the "Emergency Preparedness Guide" produced by Public Safety Canada. Please take the time to prepare your family.

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

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