Environmental Advisory Committee Board Meetings

January 10, 2024 EAC Meeting Summary


There were three guests at our meeting and all three decided to join us as members, so we would like to welcome them.

  • Fall Festival – residents appeared to like our flashlights, loon information and bird kits.

  • Lake Watch – we are in contact with ALMS to see if we can get some funding from them again this year, but when we first contacted them it was too early.  The Lake Keepers program was presented at the ALMS conference and they would like representatives from all of the lakes. Two of our new members volunteered to be representatives for our lake. There is a webinar on Watershed Stewardship on the Lake Keepers program.

  • Crayfish – a member did some checking into crayfish and the Prussion Carp in our lake. It was confirmed there are some native crayfish in the province, however the ones in Spring Lake were probably implants, but we do not need to worry about the crayfish. It was reported that we were listed in the top two lakes of having Prussion Carp, however it could be due to people reporting them as they are caught and doing due dilligence with them by destroying them as they are caught. The Tiger and Brown Trout can be aggressive and can eat or attack them, so that could help to get rid of them.

  • Compost barrels sales – A member contacted the County of Parkland in regards to adding home compost barrels to the rain barrel sale, selling them at cost. The County contact person brought this up to Rona at their organizational meeting. Rona is looking into the possibility of getting them.

  • We are looking at bringing in a speaker on soil and gardening.

  • We had a discussion pertaining to drought conditions, water management, individual residential wells and cisterns. We are checking to see what type of information we can find to put together a drought management package for the residents.

  • Ice fishing garbage – discussion took place as to the amount of garbage being left behind by fisher people and some skaters. We may want to look at doing a shoreline clean up this spring before the birds start nesting. A suggestion came to put fishing line disposal containers at the walk in areas. A member is checking into this.

  • We will be revisiting the water section of the current Environmental Action Plan and do some brainstorming in regards to the current drought conditions.

  • We will do a Noxious and Prohibited Weed display again this spring on the photo boards and put information sheets on the bulletin boards at the same time.

    Next meeting is April 17, 2024 at 7 p.m.

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