EAC Initiatives

Environmental Advisory Committee
Action Plans

Initiatives Through the Years  (Not in chronological order)

1. Ongoing stewardship of the lake

2. Attended workshop for invasive aquatic weeds

3. Attended workshop on Lakeshore Management

4. Attended workshop on invasive land weeds

5. Lakes of Parkland County member

6. Continual partnership with Alberta Conservation Association re: Installation/Removal of Aerators

7. Continual partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks re: lake levels

8. Annual newsletter

9. Participation in the Canada Day festivities and brought in specialists such as a Master Composter and Nature Alberta

10. Brought in guest speakers from Nature Alberta, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and Alberta Conservation Association to present to EAC and council

11. Initiated dog dropping bag stations

12. Continual tracking of loon data

13. Building, installation, and maintenance of two loon nesting platforms

14. Sponsor and participate in rain barrel sales in partnership with the Tri Region (2015 - present)

15. Sponsor lakeshore clean ups

16. Started a calendar, along with a photo contest

17. Photo bulletin boards have replaced the photo contest

18. Currently have two photo boards within the Village

19. Initiated proper garbage bins by mailboxes

20. Initiated proper garbage bins by lake in the winter

21. Initiated a Welcome to Spring Lake EAC letter (updated in 2020)

22. Continual tracking of lake freeze/thaw dates

23. Investigated Parkland County wastewater rate increase

24. Printed Noxious Weed Book for reference (village office and members)

25. Offered to meet with Parkland EAC twice, (declined twice)

26. Began meeting summary to be sent to Council after each meeting to keep them updated (2011- present)

27. Initiated with Village an annual Large Item Round-up

28. Continual tracking of water level data

29. Developed an updated Mission Statement (2015)

30. Development of bird house kit program (2015)

31. Began participating in Pitch In Canada (2016)

32. Initiated increased signage for:  loon information, dogs on leash and dog droppings

33. Developed and sent out three Environmental Surveys to help determine direction and provide a working base for the EAC (2006, 2009, 2019)

34. Speed limit signs for lake speed control produced an additional six signs being added around the lake and in turn has reduced the environmental impact of boaters

35. Tree planting – there had been active tree planting activities over the years by several residents, small businesses and the Village.

36. Waste water initiatives

37. Presented a Composting workshop

38. Recycling – initiated getting a recycling program within the Village and continue to give advice to council in this area

39. Advocated for ongoing responsibility of ATV usage and banning of ATVs within the village

40. Ongoing file data base/reference library development

41. Participated in Living by the Lakeshore home consultations

42. Participated in Green Acreages workshop

43. Developed an Environmental Action Plan (2018), update it annually and get it approved by council

44. Responsible for the posting of loon information signs around the lake

45. Participated in an Isotopes Study with the University of Alberta

46. Participated in a Winter Ice Balance study

47. Members acted as liaisons with the Edmonton Trout Club

48. Hosted a Septic System Information workshop (2018)

49. Developed a 2018 loon photo journal for the gosling hatched by a pair of loons

50.  Developed a noxious weed display with take away photos on all bulletin boards

51. Members attended a County of Parkland weed identification workshop

52. Educational materials regarding prohibited and noxious weeds displayed on community bulletin boards for three months for a total of 36 different types of weeds

53. Track the fish stocking dates and amounts

54. Carried out two radon tests at the Village office, (summer and winter); results are in a very safe category (2019)

55. Brought out a guest speaker re: how we can better carry out our mission statement

56. Sponsored a children’s photo contest the summer of 2019 (only 1 entered)

57.  In partnership with the County of Parkland, sponsored a Working Well workshop (2019, 2020)

58. Developed a 2014 loon book

59. Purchased and displayed new loon awareness signs

60. Participated in community garage sale

61. Sponsored a White Spruce Seedling kit handouts for kids (2019)

62. Commenced receiving oxygen level data from ACA three times per year (2020)

63. Donated $350 towards trees for two naturalization area within the Village (2020)

64. Sponsored bird house kits, bird feeder kits and Bluebird Books give away at Fall Festival (2021)

65. Promoted the purchasing and use of two rain barrels at the Village compound (2021)

66. Promoted and Village established, an anti-idling by-law for village owned vehicles and contractors (2021)

67. Participated in information sharing for an updated shoreline assessment as a part of the new land use bylaw and municipal development plan (2020)

68. Participated in the Mayatan Lake Association Healthy Water Research (2021 and 2022)

69. Guest speaker from the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance out to present (2021)

70. Presented “Living With Beavers” workshop (2022)

71. Promoted the purchase of additional port-a-potties for use along lake shore (2022)

72. Offered Kids by the Shore program, but was cancelled due to lack of registrants (2022)

73. Posted information regarding black knot disease and wild boars (2022)

74. Posted information regarding natural fertilizing and recycling via garage sales (2023)

75. Presented guest speaker for Backyard Bird Feeding (2023)

76. Presented guest from GFL on what to recycle at our fall festival (2023)

77. Partnership with the Edmonton Trout Club re: aerators installation and removal

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