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Public Works Department
Tony Siegel, Public Works Manager - 780-963-4211

Public Works Employees perform a variety of manual labor and maintenance duties including maintenance of roadside and other village-owned property. They handle public signage for the letterboards, litter pick-up, grass and brush cutting, cleaning windfall debris, tree planting, trimming, and removal. Other duties include minor construction, repair projects, and general upkeep of village-owned facilities, recreational structures, and parks along with other labor work assigned by the supervisor.

Employment Opportunity: Every Summer, Spring Lake hires Students to help out with the Public Works Department.

** Click here for more information on employment opportunities.

Road Clearing & Maintenance Services
Public Works Department, Village of Spring Lake - 780-963-4211

Please ensure that any personal property (vehicles, equipment, decor, or garbage totes) is removed from roadways for snow-clearing, street sweeping and road maintenance purposes.

Please Note: Vehicles and equipment parked on public roadways may be ticketed and/or towed. The Village is NOT responsible for damages that may occur to private property left on public roadways during snow clearing and road maintenance.

Development Permits
 Tony Sonnleitner, Development Officer -  780.718.5479

Development Permits must be applied for before obtaining any Safety Code Permits necessary for new construction, additions, decks, demolition, and excavation (HOLDING TANKS & CISTERNS). This permit is to ensure that your project or home occupation conforms to the Village’s Land Use Bylaw, including proper setbacks from property lines, etc.

When applying, a Real Property Report must be attached to the application, showing the location of existing buildings and the proposed development. Application fees accompany all Development Applications and can be purchased at the Village Office.

Safety Code Permits
Superior Safety Codes -  1-866-999-4777  *

Safety Code Permits, including electrical, plumbing, building, etc. must be obtained from Superior Safety Codes before beginning your project. You must apply for these permits before commencing work to ensure that your project is safe and conforms to safety code regulations.
Application Forms can be found at the Village Office.

Learn more at the Superior Safety Codes website! ->

Waste Collection Services
GFL Environmental Inc. 780-488-7608

Garbage Schedules are as follows:
Blue Bag collection remains biweekly during the Winter, but 
garbage collection will be every Monday, for the Summer Season.

Summer - May 6, 2024, to November 11, 2024. 
Winter - October 28, 2024 to May 5, 2025.


Extra Garbage Tote:
This extra service has a one-time refundable $100 deposit for the tote and costs $165 per year for the service. You may return your tote, undamaged, for a refund of your tote deposit, if at any time you wish to discontinue the extra pick-up service.
* Residents can obtain an extra garbage tote from the Village Office.

Enforcement Services

The Village of Spring Lake is contracted with Parkland County Enforcement Services. RCMP and Peace Officer Roles provide safety and freedom to enjoy our community through the enforcement of:

Provincial Statues (e.g., Traffic Safety Act, Gaming and Liquor Act, etc.)

Municipal Bylaws (e.g., Fireworks, Noise, Animal Control, etc.)

Village Administration encourages all residents to become familiar with the municipality’s bylaws, which are available under the "Council" tab at the top of the page, or by calling the Village Office at 780.963.4211. If you have a question for Parkland County Enforcement Services or need to report an incident, please call them at 780.968.8400.
** For more information, go to the Parkland County Enforcement Services Website.

General Contacts

Police, Medical, or Fire Emergencies: 9-1-1

Parkland Animal Control Shelter - 780.968.8888 ext. 8281

Edmonton Humane Society - 780.471.1774
13620 – 163 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta  T5V 0B2
Charitable Registration # 119231066RR0001

Westview Health Centre (Stony Plain Hospital) - 780.968.3600
4405 South Park Drive, Stony Plain, Alberta  T7Z 2M

Spring Lake RV Resort

Please reach out to the Spring Lake RV Resort for reservations and Resort information.

499 Lakeside Drive
Spring Lake, AB T7Z 2V5

Tax Certificates
Village of Spring Lake Administration - 780-963-4211

Tax Certificate shows the property tax levy imposed in the year, the amount of taxes currently owing, and the total amount of tax arrears, if any. It also includes the legal land description of the parcel & municipal address, year built, current assessed value, property tax amount, annual local improvement charges, current tax account balance, and the monthly payment information, if applicable.

Tax Certificate Fees
24-72 hours  $25.00 per Regular Tax Certificate
Completed Same Day          $35.00 per Rush Tax Certificate

Order your Tax Certificate
For Tax Certificate Requests, please email your details to the Village of Spring Lake Administration Office at villageoffice@springlakealberta.comPlease always include the municipal address or Legal Land Description (Lot, Block & Plan) of the property you are requesting.

Payment Options
1.  Through your bank, add Emily House, as a contact and send her the payment.
2.  When you are choosing your security question and answer, keep it simple! Passwords are case-sensitive, so please ensure that the password can be copied and pasted to accept the payment.
                  Example:                    Question: What is my phone number?
                                                           Answer:  780-123-1234
3.  Paste your copied Password into an email and send it to Emily so she can accept your funds. 

Cash, Cheque or Money Order
1.   Send your request, with the details of the property you're inquiring about.
2.  Attach a photocopy of your cheque or money order so that we can email you your Tax Certificate right away, rather than waiting for your payment to arrive in the mail. Cash payments must wait until the Village of Spring Lake receives your money in the mail to receive your Tax Certificate.


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