Mooring Disturbance Standard

Mooring Disturbance Standard
Docks, Piers & Wharfs

Effective immediately, a Temporary Field Authorization (TFA) will be required for placing a mooring structure for
personal recreational use in Crown-owned bed and shore, for longer than 14 days.

Mooring structures include: Docks / Piers
Mooring Anchors for Buoys
Boatlifts and Shelters
Swimming Rafts and Wharves

User Guide For Dock Authorizations - April 2021.pdf
Application For Dock Authorizations - Application Form.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Waterfront and Semi-Waterfront Property Owners - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Shared Docks Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Moorage Allowance Infographic 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Back Lot Property Owners Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Disturbance Standard Temporary Seasonal Docks Mooring Structures - April 2021.pdf
Contact List for Dock Authorizations.pdf 


For more information contact:

Melissa Chisholm, Land Management Specialist 111 Twin Atria Building 780-643-0636  
Lands Delivery and Coordination South Branch 4999 – 98 Avenue  
Forestry and Parks Edmonton, AB  T6B 2X3    
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