Looking for information on building a house, deck or even renovations on your property or home

Please contact Tony Sonnleitner, the Development Officer for the Village of Spring Lake.

Phone Number: 780-718-5479

Email: pcm1@telusplanet.net



Superior Safety Codes

If you are looking for a permit for Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Sewage.

You can find forms to fill out here http://superiorsafetycodes.com/apply-for-permit.html

Phone number: 1-866-999-4777


Spring Lake's Development Appilcation

Development Permit Applications are to be submitted to the Village Office in person during regular office hours or by email to villageoffice@springlakealberta.com with a cheque for the applicable fee made out to the Village of Spring Lake. 



Permitted Use  

Development Permit - Accessory/Additions            $96.26 + GST

Development Permit - Sewers, Fences, Misc.         $64.16 + GST

Development Permit - Dwelling                              $128.35 + GST

Development Permit - Demolition                            $51.34 + GST

Development Permit - Commercial                        $256.68 + GST

Compliance Letter - Standard                                    $96.26 + GST

Compliance Letter - Rush                                        $192.53 + GST


Discretionary Use           

Development Permit - Accessory/Additions           $144.39 + GST

Development Permit - Sewers, Fences, Misc.           $96.26 + GST

Development Permit - Dwelling                                $192.53 + GST

Development Permit - Commercial                          $385.03 + GST



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