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Yellowhead Regional Library - YRL 2023 Annual Report

Read the Yellowhead Regional Library's 2023 Annual Report today!
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YRL 2021 Annual Report

2023-25 Strategic Plan

January 1, 2021
The 2023-25 Strategic Plan outlines four goals and a series of strategies to deliver value and excellence to member libraries and the patrons they serve.

The theme of this plan, “YRL is a verb,” which may seem an unlikely choice, except for the quick response and nimble actions that have been demonstrated by the entire YRL team in recent years. We are able to be bold and fearless about our future because of the hurdles we’ve already overcome.

Most of all, we’ve demonstrated that there’s nothing that can take the place of a local library. Helping member libraries to fulfill the needs of their patrons is job 1 for us, and its importance is reflected in our Strategic Plan.

Here’s what you can expect from YRL during the 2023-25 period:
     → Provide and expand services to member libraries
     → Advocacy on issues affecting libraries
     → Support to help member libraries to keep pace with technology
     → Strengthened relationships
     → Professional development opportunities
     → Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

I hope when you read our Strategic Plan you are as energized as our team, who live and breathe YRL as a verb every day.

Karla Palichuk, Director

YRL 2021 Annual Report

December 1, 2021
As a valued partner and member with the Yellowhead Regional Library (YRL), the Village office is happy to share with you the 2021 Annual report and 2023- 2025 Strategic Plan.

The power of regional collaboration opnes a world of resources top every person living in the YRL region. The power of our  collective purchasing and distribution delivers a catalogue of materials beyond what any individual library could maintain on its own. And, the power of our continuous improvement brings the latest technology and best practices to each member library. I hope you find the Annual report informative and reflective of a remarkable year.

Moving forward, we have outlined YRL ambitious goals in the 2023- 2025 Strategic Plan. Yellowhead Regional Library aim to continue history of excellance in seven key areas:

  • Provide and expand services to member libraries 
  • Advocacy support for member libraries 
  • Advocate on issues affecting the library community
  • Support to help member libraries keep pace with technology
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Library staff and trustee professional development opportunities
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

YRL invite you to read more about these area in the Strategic Plan. You will see that we have outlined a comprehesive approach to stay at the forefront of lilbrary services as we help out members meet the emerging expectations of the people we serve together. Along the way, we will keep you informed of our progress in delivering on these goals for your library and residents.

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