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Waters Crescent - Road Widening Project

Important Dates to Consider

RFP Issue Date: February 21st , 2024
Deadline for Submitting Questions: 16:00:00 MST, February 27, 2024
Question Response from Consultant: 12:00:00 MST, March 4th , 2024.
Submission Deadline: 16:00:00 MST, March 8th , 2024
Anticipated Award Date: March 14th, 2024
Anticipated Construction Start Date: June 1st, 2024.


Tenders for Road Widening and Drainage Improvements for Waters Crescent within the Village of Spring Lake, Alberta, located between Lakeside Drive in the North to Lakeside Drive in the Southeast. Information will be posted on the Village of Spring Lake website, and transmitted via email, by the undersigned to selected bidders on, Wednesday, February 21, 2024. The work, in general, consists of providing all materials, equipment, and manpower required to complete the contract, as set out in the:
Tender Specifications Road Widening and Drainage Improvements, Waters Crescent, Village of Spring Lake, Alberta. Nichols File: 23-131-VSL

Submission Requirements:
• Proof of COR certification, WCB coverage, and general liability insurance.
• Proposed execution plan.
• Executed copy of the excel sheet App A – Waters Crescent Widening Submission Schedule.
• Hourly rate sheet comprised of equipment, including operator and material mark-up percentage, for equipment or materials that may be required to complete the project.
• Electronic tender submissions are to be sent via emails to:

Please note the following:
          1. Tender is a public posting on, the Village of Spring Lake Website.
          2. There is no site meeting scheduled. Contractors are advised to conduct a site visit at their own cost to familiarize themselves with site conditions and development
          3. The bidders have no right to make any Claim against, with respect to the award of a contract. The failure to award a contract, the costs of preparation of the bid,
              and loss 2 of any profit and opportunity by the Village’s decision not to accept the bid submitted by the bidder.
​​​​​​​          ​​​​​​​4. The Village reserves the right to reject any or all tenders and will not necessarily accept the lowest tender.
​​​​​​​          5. Construction Contract will be provided to the successful bidder following the completion of the bidding process.
​​​​​​​          6. Construction needs to proceed and be completed in the 2024 spring/summer season. Questions relating to the tender specifications may be directed, by email, to
              Nichols Environmental (Canada) Ltd., who is acting on behalf of the Village of Spring Lake, Alberta.

The contact information is shown below:
Mr. Drake Dykeman, P.Tech (Eng.)
Project Manager Nichols Environmental (Canada) Ltd.
17331 – 107th Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1E5
Telephone: (780) 484-3377

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