Dealing with an Unwanted Cat on Your Property


 If you have an unwanted cat on your property, politely ask your neighbour to keep their cat on their own property. If you do not know who the owner is or if speaking with your neighbour did not solve the problem, you may want to make your property less inviting to the animal.


Making Your Property Less Inviting


Cats can be trained not to enter your yard simply by making your property unpleasant.

  • Place mesh netting (angled outwards) or PVC pipe at the top of your fence to prevent cats from climbing over
  • Place chicken wire just below the surface of your flower beds to discourage digging and cover the bed with bark chips or gravel so it is rough
  • Spray the cat with water whenever it enters your yard
  • Spread repellents around your property, like vinegar or orange peels

Scent Deterrent Alternatives 

There are plants that are natural deterrents for cats as they can emit odiurs that cat dislike:

  • Coleus Canina, also known as the Scaredy-Cat plant
  • Helichrysum Italicum, also known as the Curry herb plant
  • Lemon Balm plant
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender

Planting these plants along the borders of a garden or flowerbed may stop cats from entering the area and causing damage. Property owners may also choose to plant prickly bushes to keep cats out of flowerbeds and gardens.


Digging Deterrent Alternatives: Using large or rough surfaced rocks to cover exposed ground or placing rocks into plant pots may prevent cats from digging. Prior to planting in the garden or flowerbed, lay a lattice on the ground and plant inside the openings. Use upright chopsticks to surround plants in pots or boxes so the cats cannot jump into them. Use mulch in your garden or flowerbed. Cats tend not to like rough textures on their paws, so making the area uncomfortable for them will help to keep them away.

Property owners may need to use multiple items and strategies in various areas to determine what will be most effective for their property.



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